Critical Affordable Housing to be Built in Five States and DC with Closing of $92 Million Fund

Critical Affordable Housing to be Built in Five States and DC with Closing of $92 Million Fund

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Fund 102 will provide critical funding for eight properties with over 870 units of affordable housing in five states and the District of Colombia.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA (July 22, 2020) – Alliant Capital has reached $8 Billion in equity raised for the development of affordable multifamily housing. This milestone is achieved with the closing of Fund 102, which will facilitate the creation of eight properties with more than 870 critically needed affordable housing units in five states and the District of Colombia. 

“The recorded rise in homelessness and rent-burdened households, magnified by the coronavirus pandemic, demonstrates just how important low income housing programs are across all communities,” adds Dudley Benoit, Executive Vice President for the firm. “We’re especially grateful for our partners who collaborated with us to reach this important milestone and to get this fund closed. Without them, the families who will be helped by these developments wouldn’t have access to quality, affordable housing.”

$8 Billion in equity raised represents financing for the creation of affordable housing of over 1,000 properties for over 400,000 low income families, seniors and veterans throughout the United States.  Alliant has managed over $16 Billion in assets since the company’s inception in 1997.

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About Alliant Capital

The Alliant Company is a leading tax credit (LIHTC) firm focused on providing tax credit syndication for the development and financing of affordable multifamily rental housing. Founded in 1997 to assist in America’s critical need for affordable housing, today Alliant is among the nation’s top syndicators and has an unparalleled track record of success. With a dedicated team of experienced commercial real estate, asset management, legal and tax professionals, Alliant provides the highest level of fully integrated real estate and investment support services. We deliver rock-solid expertise with an innovative perspective.

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